The "Pink Pearl" Wreath 

This wreath is made out of pink pearlish pebbles that smell strong of Strawberries and Cream! With deep green eucalyptus forming a beautiful foundation to this piece, the beige and white colored seeds throughout the gorgeous paisley pink roses are dynamic! This wreath contains a long white irradescent beaded pearl string wrapped around in substitution for ribbon. Perfect under light, as it reflects the true spectrums of a room with its beauty.

$100.00 Sold Out!!!

The "Shell Stopper" Wreath

This 10 inch wreath composed of Harvest moon Potpourri, a touch of grassy sage, and priceless hand collected shells are this year's "Shell Stopper"  to go along with that "ocean" theme that you have going on!!

$30.00 Sold Out!!!

"Peary Beautiful Wreath"

While this wreath is minimal in aroma, and created with artificial pine, Its silky ribbons weaved throughout and glistened fuzzy pear create a perfect atmosphere for the Country in you!

$75.00  Sold Out !!!


This wreath' gorgeous tones and aromas are beautiful enough to use as the perfect night light for your cozy kitchen bungalow. Drizzled in Purple Lilies laced with Lavender aroma combined with white pointsettas to bring good fortune to any home.

$100.00   Sold Out!!!!


"The Country Calls" Wreath

"Nothing Makes you feel closer to home." 

$ 70.00  SOLD OUT!!!


"The Cotton Craving Wreath"

"Like a beautiful Summer Morning"

$80.00  SOLD OUT!!!!


"Country Cozy" Wreath

Sit back and relax.... Its rejuvinating feeling cozy in the country!!!

90.00 SOLD OUT!!!!!! 

 "We Need a Lil Christmas" Wreath

Looks gorgeous next to your tree, any size, any color... don't ever go another holiday without this festive reminder of how much your Christmas spirit represents!!!



Introducing The "Grape Envy" Wreath

This is the newest of wreaths in the collection that is sure to make anyone envy once they see this in your home. Unlike the others, a silk fern is used here to create backround, and then covered in delightful aromas of lavender, Grapes, and citrus. Small burgundy colored spheres are placed as a fill to create presence and warmth to the wine lover's motif. Covered in white (green)  Pinot Grigio grapes and  surrounded then with a flurry of delicious cabernet Grapes in a deep purple. Entire wreath accented with white foam berries and various deep red potpurri's.

$95.00   Inventory Sale!!!! Sale Price 25% off-New Price $72.00!!!! Sold Out!!!


"Laid Back Lounge" Wreath

The Beautiful Aromas, and peaceful Aesthetics of this wreath are sure to make anyone lay back and put their feet up in your lounge!!! This wreath creates an instant feeling of peace with a deep green eucalyptus backround, covered in potpurri nuts with a fresh linen scent. Small, dried poker flowers of white and off white scattered throughout. Light beige wooden spirals amongst white beaded wild flowers that is sure to bring this wreath to attention wherever it is placed!!!

$90.00  Inventory Sale!!! 25% off - New Price $67.50!!!!