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The "Crazy In Love" Wreath

With Valentine's Day around the corner, Let everyone know how Crazy you are in Love by displaying this flavorful red rose wreath in your home.  Created with the aromas of Apple cider and Red Rose Potpurri, this elegant keepsake is wonderful for your most romantic Valentines Day Celebration. Deep green Satin fern prove as the base for this wreath, covered in dark red eucalyptus, and showered with potpurri and light pink glittered hearts, as well as red velvet hearts throughout.The wreath is finished off with a lightly glittered ribbon around the side with a homeade bow at the bottom. Make your holiday as passionate as this wreath is!!

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The "Happiest Hour" Wreath

Make yourself feel as if every hour is "Happy Hour" with this delightful  vision of the tropics hanging on your wall. Covered in dark brown seeds and dried palm leaves, with subtle hints of Sweet Peas, and Harvest Spice, this wreath will not only take your breath away, but make you feel relaxed and serene!! This concoction of green foam beads and an assortment of green potpurri's will calm even the most energetic of moods!!

$85.00  New Price $60.00!!!

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"Its Good To Be Home"  Wreath

This wreath turns any house into a home!!! Beautiful dark brown cones to accentuate the emerald green Eucalyptus backround, showered with deep red rose pedals to pull out flavor, topped off with white fern beaded wild flowers and off white straw spheres.

$90.00     New Price $60.00!!!!



"The Pink Lemon" Wreath

Perfect for a New Teenagers Room, Baby shower gift, or simply for that room that desires a lil' feminine elegance... This wreath is sure to be a topic of conversation, its unique scents of Roses and Lilies are better than any plug- in or Spray Air freshener!!!! This wreath is expecially unique because of the deep green long, large leafed eucalyptus backround. This creates almost a "furry" feeling, while the hot pink Potpurri, hot pink lemon speres, and rose pedals bring out the beauty in its overall appearance. Scattered throughout include white, wooden spirals, and pieces of off white flower bark.

$90.00  New Price $60.00!!!!

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