Introducing... Aromatheraputic Centerpieces

Candles not included--



"Sunset Garden" Centerpiece 

This centerpiece is unique because it has a crisp, clean look. Showered with a very light scented sandalwood cotton based potpourri, this piece is a wonderful accent to add flavor to any occasion to add a lift to a special brakfast, wedding, or social.

Price: $25.00 Free Shipping



The "Oak Focal" Centerpiece $25.00

This centerpiece is rich in deep browns and greens, great for holidays, harvests, and celebrations. Available in bulk upon email notification only.

Price $25.00 Free Shipping



The "Seaside Flame" Centerpiece

This piece is very personal. The vibe that it creates is a feeling of relaxation and comfortability. While made with white shells and clean cotton potpourri, this white wicker base is the perfect foundation for a jar candle or citronella if utilizing on the beach or waterside. Beautiful decor for any special occasion.

Price: $25.00 Free Shipping!!!