"Romance in Italy" 13 inches $30.00

This Fabulous Wreath with its wicker base is reminiscent of gorgeous sunrises amongst the most fruitful and bountiful of Italy' mountains and hills. Dazzles with ruby berries and dark burgundy/purple petals drizzled on an pilaf of yellow wildflowers, brazillian nutshells, dipped in a laquer for a sheer, fine, finish and topped and infused with aromas of lavender, ripened berry, and sandalwood.

 Hawaiian Sensation Wreath 12 inches $20.00

This wreath is a mini grapevine unique because of its scent... coconut, mango, and pineapple sensations shower this piece also beautiful as a centerpiece atop a fern dwelling, white potpurri scented of cottons and fresh linens, and seeds draped over a mosque of Hawaiin scented flavors and sun kissed rustic sunflowers.


"Ocean Roses" Wreath

This 12 inch wreath is so special. It is on a wooden wicker base in an off white cream color. When creating this piece, We lined the base with teel green dried, hard rose pedals to animate the accent seashells hand-picked from the gulf coast of Florida. Green scented seeds and conch shells are the perfect touch to finish off this delectable sensation!

Price $25.00  Free Shipping


"Urban Sunrise" Wreath

This 12 inch wreath is fabulously urban with its soft browns and greens. With aromas of sandalwood  and sage, relax, while the enlarged seeds and pine cones pave the way for this mini cedar potpourri classic.

Price $25.00  Free Shipping